Nobody can get a selfie right like Shah Rukh Khan and now, he even has a new term for it – view pic


Selfie is the current trend and the out of the box selfies are what acts as the trend setters. While everyone is selfie clicking, Shah Rukh Khan as always being the trend setter has coined a new word for ‘yourself’ as ‘yourselfie’. The love for own self should be explained through ‘yourselfie’!

Fans have already started showing their love for him and its a sure shot fact that ‘yourselfie’ is going to be the next trend setter.

King Khan’s ardent followers have gone gaga over his selfie and the retweets and the likes describe it all.

The black and white and broad face made up all for an exquisite photograph.

Previously also SRK didn’t forget to take selfies on his birthday to show his fan’s admiration for him and captioned the picture, “If I could, I would jump amidst you. So that you could take me home. Thank you all for coming and making my birthday so special. Love you!”

Earlier Hrithik Roshan’s selfie with fans got more love than Shah Rukh Khan’s but its sure that the equations are equaled now by this sharp black and white ‘yourselfie’.


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