Udaan 14th November 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Chakor is poisoned by Kamal Narayan and Imli


Udaan starts with Chakor(Meera Deosthale) and Suraj(Vijayendra Kumeria) returning back to the haveli. Kamal Narayan enacts his role well as he welcomes Chakor and congratulates her for her child. Kamal Narayan says that he finds Chakor so brave. Tejaswini too emotionally welcomes Suraj and Chakor. Kamal Narayn asks Suraj how he got hurt and Suraj vents out his anger by saying that Kamal Narayan has sinned so much that his sins keep following Suraj everywhere. He tells everyone about Ranvir and him trying to kill Chakor and Suraj himself. Kamal Narayan says he would kill the person. Imli(Vidhi Pandya) handles the situation and says they should continue with the celebrations. Kamal Narayan does the pooja and he later seeks forgiveness of Chakor asking her to forgive him and let them start a new chapter in life. Chakor and Suraj stay silent. Kamal Narayan asks everyone to eat food as the has arranged a great feast for Chakor.(Also Read: Chakor is back in Azadhganj giving Kamal Narayan and Imli nightmares)

Suraj feeds Chakor as they happily talk. Chakor asks Imli where Ranjana is and Imli says that she has gone to her house. Later Chakor insists on knowing where Vivaan is and Imli says he has gone to lucknow for work. Chakor gets angry that Vivaan did not wait to see her. Suraj keeps feeding her like a good husband. Later Kamal Narayan gets to the kitchen and asks Guirija to serve sweets in a special silver bowl for Chakor. Kamal Narayan distracts Girija and adds poison to the bowl. As Girija gets the bowl out Paakhi snatches it and says she would eat in a silver bowl. Girija runs behind her and gets it back for Chakor. Chakor takes a spoon and starts eating while Kamal Narayan and Imli keep close watch on her. Suddenly Paakhi runs straight into Kamal Narayan making him look away. As he looks back they all see Chakor fainting. Suraj carries her away as Imli with Kamal enjoy. Later though Imli gets skeptical and asks Kamal Narayan if he is sure that Chakor ate the kheer.


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