Bhaiya ji to target Chakor’s weakness in Udaan


Bhaiya ji crosses his limits again. He gets a poison for Chakor and villagers. Bhaiya ji gets at his drama self. He tells Chakor that he will poison the entire village if she doesn’t listen to him. He is taking revenge from her. He tells Chakor that everyone will die because of her. Chakor throws the poison bottle. He acts to cry that she has broken the bottle. He then shocks her by showing another poison bottle. He tells her that a single poison bottle won’t be enough to kill the villagers, the locality is big, there is much population.

Chakor asks him what does he want. He uses her weakness. He knows Chakor will never risk anyone’s life. He asks her to tell the villagers that he never tried to kill her. He asks her to clear his name. She doesn’t get scared of him. She refuses to take the police complaint back.

She asks him did he not understand her till now, she doesn’t know losing out to injustice. She says I m Suraj’s wife, I will never agree to your demands, I have a proof against you, I will expose you and tell everyone that you have always tried to kill me. He asks the man to add the poison in water tanker. Chakor stops him. The man adds the poison in the tanker. Bhaiya ji says Chakor will see everyone dying now. Chakor tries to run and inform the villagers about poison. Bhaiya ji runs along, saying he would also like to see the villagers dying. Will Chakor be able to save the villagers? Keep reading.

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