Ouch! Shah Rukh’s diwali festivities brought his Alibag bungalow under scanner


Shah Rukh Khan is the biggest star in Bollywood! And needless to say the parties and get together he and his team throws are exceptional in the Bollywood in dustry. Therefore, when Shah Rukh Khan recently threw a Diwali bash in his Alibag bungalow, the who’s who of the film fraternity turned up. However, he is now probably wishing that he never hosted the party whose images had gone viral.

In the video, MCL Jayant Patil was seen shouting his lungs out, outside Shah Rukh Khan’s yacht. The politician can be seen getting shouting at the actor and saying, “You may be a superstar, but have you bought entire Alibaug? You cannnot enter Alibaug without my permission.”

Allegedly, the actor’s yacht was docked at the Alibaug Jetty and MLC wanted to leave for Mumbai but he couldn’t board his yacht as Shah Rukh Khan wasn’t coming out of his own. Ultimately, Jayant Patil had to board his yacht by going through Shah Rukh’s yacht.

This surely has not gone down well by an Alibaug based activist as a written complaint has been filed by him against Shah Rukh Khan, his wife Gauri Khan, Déjà vu Farms Pvt Ltd and its CEO. The complaint accuses King Khan for using forged official papers as well as that the application was made to purchase agricultural land for agricultural use. And everyone knows that the plot has not been utilized for any agricultural use but for constructing a super luxurious bungalow.

Spread in the area of approximately 19,960 square meters, the bungalow has a huge swimming pool and a private helipad. The entire plot is made up of 5 plots that run along the sea.


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