TR’s Quick Reads


Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Deep informs the family about Sanaya’s death. He wants to answer Aarohi’s questions. The family mourns for Sanaya. Deep shows strength and consoles them in sorrow. Deep gives the shocking news to Aarohi. He tells them that Sushant has done this. Aarohi doubts on Deep’s dad. She asks him if he didn’t see anyone kidnapping Sanaya. Deep signs his sister to stop Aarohi. His sister asks Aarohi to think what their dad is going through. She asks Aarohi not to trouble family by questioning. Deep is doing everything to hide Tara’s crimes.

Meri Durga:
Durga is helpless to do the tasks for Sanjay. She doesn’t want to hurt her family. The family happily dances in the sangeet function. Sanjay plays a new game. He is troubling Durga to take revenge for his parents. He has threatened Durga. He wants to insult her and her family. Durga’s happiness gets down when she sees Sanjay. He gives a task to her. He asks her to keep the diya lighting till sangeet ends. She has to get the academy papers by completing the tasks. They are having a Tom and Jerry game.


Bhaiya ji crosses his limits again. He gets a poison for Chakor and villagers. Bhaiya ji gets at his drama self. He tells Chakor that he will poison the entire village if she doesn’t listen to him. He is taking revenge from her. He tells Chakor that everyone will die because of her. Chakor throws the poison bottle. He acts to cry that she has broken the bottle. He then shocks her by showing another poison bottle. He tells her that a single poison bottle won’t be enough to kill the villagers, the locality is big, there is much population.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Ishita realizes Simmi is intentionally harming Raman and entire Bhalla family to take revenge for her. Simmi knows Raman is Ishita’s weakness. When Ishita confronts Simmi, the latter accepts that she wants to ruin Raman’s life. Ishita worries for the family breaking up. Simmi says I m taking revenge from you by making Raman forget his memories. Ishita asks her to better be careful from now on. Ishita asks her to understand that she is hurting her own family in her madness. Simmi doesn’t listen to her. She ignores Ishita’s warnings and gives the wrong medicines to Raman again. Simmi worries that Ishita can fail her plan. She thinks of taking the family back to Delhi to make Ishita away.

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