High Five Spoilers


Piyaa Albela:
Pooja learns about Supriya’s accident. Rakesh gets freed from jail. He returns to take revenge from Naren and Pooja. Naren reaches Pooja to save her. Naren has earned many enemies. Pooja has much belief in Lord. She prays for Supriya’s life. She wants Supriya to get saved. Naren and Pooja will cross hurdles and go ahead, by the strength of their love. Rakesh shoots down Pooja.


Shweta tells Avni that Juhi is the reason for all the problems happening in their lives. Avni spies on Juhi, thinking this can be a possibility. Avni gives Mishti to Neil and Juhi. She doesn’t want Mishti to become another Avni. She learns Juhi’s truth, that she is willing to return in Neil’s life. Avni gets to know Juhi and Vidyut’s truth. Avni applies sindoor of Neil’s name. Vidyut kidnaps someone from Khanna mansion and blackmails Neil for marrying Juhi. When Vidyut keeps this condition, Neil gets ready to marry Juhi to save his family. The entire family is helpless by Vidyut’s condition.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Teni gets a personal caretaker. Parth gets the lady home, when Teni was troubling him a lot. He found this a good way to stay away from Teni. Indu feels Teni was bringing Parth closer to the baby, but Parth has turned the tables. Teni tries to keep many demands so that the lady gets troubled and runs away. The lady doesn’t complain for anything. She obeys Teni and all the work well. Teni tells Indu that she has many plans. She will make the lady run away soon. Parth is also stubborn. He feels Teni is responsible for Shorvori’s death. The family believes Teni is innocent. Teni tries hard to send the caretaker away.

Soumya learns Preeto is missing. Soumya looks for Preeto. Surbhi meets Soumya. She asks Soumya why is she worrying for Preeto, who has always troubled her. Soumya tells Surbhi that Preeto is Harman’s mum, she knows Preeto has done everything for her son. She scolds Surbhi for speaking against Preeto. Surbhi asks her to understand, this is also Preeto’s drama. Soumya says Preeto is my Saas, I have no bitterness for her, she is a mum and she is right in her place. Surbhi says she has done so wrong. Soumya says I still have same respect for her. She asks Surbhi not to stop her, she will find Preeto. Soumya asks the kinners to help her in finding Preeto. She requests them.

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