Ishqbaaz 30 November 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: Bhavya leaves Rudra’s job after he insults her


Ishqbaaz starts with Anika checking the CCTV footage. She wonders why are they worried. Anika sees the bomb in Rudra’s jacket and says she will keep Rudra safe. She waits for a hint from Shivaay. He hints at a phone. Anika thinks how to get the password. Svetlana enters a room and says Tej Singh Oberoi this is where we first met. She says your downfall will start from this office. Anika sees Svetlana and thinks how to get the password from her. Svetlana comes out hearing the noise. She thinks I should not underestimate Shivaay. Svetlana activates the bomb. She walks inside the brothers room and scolds Shivaay for spying on her. He says if something happens to Rudra, I will kill you myself. Then, Svetlana deactivates the bomb. Later, she meets Anika outside. She calls her a coward. Anika challenges her and they run. She grabs Anika as SSO says Anika will do something.

Svetlana walks in holding a knife to Anika’s neck. She begs her to spare the brothers. Anika begs for time to talk to Shivaay. They manage to save Rudra as Anika attacks Svetlana. They praise Anika. Shivaay says we have code words so she understood. Anika explains how they foiled the plan. Rudra calls her a genius. Lafzon Ka Rishta plays. When they go home, the family is too worried. Daadi gets troubled. Shivaay says we will fight all battles together. He says Svetlana will not live here. Omkara says I will throw her out. He stops him as he does not want him to know about Tejs involvement in Kalyani Mills tragedy.

Rudra has a fight with Bhavya where he calls her inefficient. She gets a call from Manav at that time. Bhavya picks up the call and says she will be there in a while. Svetlana tells Shivaay that she is leaving as she has understood that she cannot harm the brothers. She says I have left the Kalyani Mills tape for you. SSO plays the tape and sees a new conspiracy from her. Rudra insults Bhavya and says he has thrown her out of his life.

Bhavya sarcastically thanks Rudra for proving her wrong. She says I will never forget or forgive what you have done. She says I am quitting this job. Bhavya calls him immature and says truth has two sides to it. She leaves in tears.


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