TR’s Quick Reads


Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:
Ratan goes to help Diya and acts filmi. Diya gets ready for the party. Ratan helps her. He adores Diya’s beauty. He gives her compliment. He gets hit by her hair. He asks is this his punishment for complimenting her. She is not used to hear such compliments and reacts impulsively. They see the family and hug to play the love drama. It gets tough for them to act to be in love. Yash gets a doubt that Diya and Ratan are doing a drama. He asks Ratan how did this love happen and when. Ratan and Diya worry to answer Yash. Ratan tells Yash that he didn’t plan to love Diya, but it just happened. He gives a chocolate to Diya. Yash congratulates Ratan for his relationship.

Preeto weeps and realizes her mistakes. She repents for hurting Soumya so much. Soumya feeds her food and cares for her. Preeto gets emotional. She has done a lot to trouble Soumya and make her away from Harman. Soumya shows a big heart. She takes care of all of Preeto’s needs. Soumya tries to cheer Preeto. She tells her that she always expected to have a good mother in law and Mata Rani answered her prayers by giving Preeto to her.


Rudra shows his new bike to Tia. He gives his card to make the payment. The man tells Rudra that his card is not working. Rudra gets worried. He asks Tej to pay for the bike. Tej says maybe the machine is not working well, you can try my card. Tej’s card doesn’t work either. Tej asks how can this happen, there are sufficient funds. Shwetlana says your time is bad, not the machine, its my money and I will not waste money on such useless things. She refuses to pay for the bike. She asks the man to take the bike back. Shivay stops the man and pays for the bike. He doesn’t want Rudra to suffer. Tej blames Shivay for getting them insulted. Shivay says Rudra will get whatever he wants, as his brother is still alive. Rudra hugs him. Shivay fails Shwetlana’s plan. Jhanvi is glad that Shivay didn’t let her trust break. She is sure Shivay will always look after his brothers.

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