Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30 November 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Ishita tries to recreate events from the past to trigger Raman’s memory


The episode begins with Raman lamenting about Ishita throwing a challenge in his face. Simmi adds fuel to the fire and Romi then comes to tell them that they will have to pay a heavy penalty if they cancel the contract. Raman storms out to talk to her. Shagun and Mani are discussing why Ishita is making the wrong move by insulting Raman. Shagun watches Ishita’s CEO speech and wonders what Ishita has in mind. She hangs up Mani’s call to talk to Santoshi, who asks her to come over immediately. Santoshi tells her that Raman is fuming over the bytes that Ishita gave. Romi tries to calm Raman down but in vain.

Just then, a group of women reach his place protesting against him. They keep chanting ‘Raman Bhalla Haaye Haaye’ which gives him a flashback of the past. he comes out of the car to talk to them but the women go all feminist on him and decide to paint his face black. Santoshi tries to drag him inside but the women provoke him even more. Just then, Ishita reaches the place and asks them to stop. Romi understands that Ishita is trying to get Raman to remember his past. Ishita asks the women right activists to stop protesting and that she will deal with him on her own. Once they leave, Raman swears to make her life miserable and leaves. (ALSO READ: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29 November 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: Ishita gives an open challenge to Raman for the CEO of the Year Award)

Simmi gives Ishita a pitiful look and follows Raman. Ishita is upset that none of this triggered Raman’s memory. Shagun sees Ashok with the activists and asks them what NGO they are from. The women then tell her that they are artists and not from any NGO. They tell Shagun that they were paid to protest and she wonders what Ishita is up to. Shagun confronts Ishita about her intentions and asks her to explain. Ishita tells her that she is asking way too many questions and leaves.

Shagun asks Santoshi if everything is okay and goes to talk to Raman. Simmi reminds her to give Raman his pills. Raman tells her that he gets a feeling that all of this has happened before and he is really confused. He asks her why he feels he knows Ishita from before and starts panicking. Shagun gives him a pill and asks him to rest. Aaliya tries to sneak out of the house at night but goes to meet Ishita at the gate who is negotiating with the watchman.

Aaliya gives Ishita all the necessary items and the watchman shuts the lights out. Ishita leaves and Aaliya knocks on the neighbour’s door and hides. They leave a diya outside the house. The sardarji sees it and is surprised. His wife also comes out asking what’s happening. They look at the lit diya and get scared. Aaliya moves the diya using the remote control and the sardar couple run straight outside. Ishita is also making sounds to scare them and also plays with the shadow till they run.

Just then, Aaliya runs into the sardar’s house and calls them from the landline. They rush back into the house thinking that the kids must have called. On finding no one in the hall, they decide to get help. They knock on someone’s door and Ishita threatens to kill them in a ghostly voice. They decide to follow Ishita’s voice but Ishita misleads them smartly. Aaliya calls the watchman asking him to turn the lights back on.

The sardar couple complain to the watchman about the light and he tells them that the lights are fine. They take the watchman along to show him that the fuse is off but are shocked to see the lights back on. The watchman tells them that there might be an evil spirit in the house. The sardar couple decide to move out of the house and Ishita is relieved that her plan worked.


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