TR’s Quick Reads


Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Aarohi confronts Deep about Vishal. She says I have got to know you have protected me from Vishal’s murder blame. She doubts that if Vishal didn’t commit suicide, someone has attempted to kill him. She wonders who has written Vishal’s suicide note. She asks Deep to write the letter. Deep obeys her. He sits down and writes the suicide note to prove he is not involved. She checks his handwriting. She apologizes for doubting him. She believes Deep, but feels something is wrong.

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi:
Everyone gets well in Prem and Tejaswini’s lives. They plan to take their relation to another level. Prem plans to surprise her. She didn’t expect Prem to have a filmi and romantic side. Prem sings a song for her. The couple have a dance. Prem and Tejaswini’s romance will be seen. Tejaswini gets impressed by Prem’s efforts to surprise her. They didn’t get time to spend together, because of the family tensions. Another hurdle breaks their romance. Tejaswini gets a call for urgent work. She tells Prem that she has to rush for work. Prem’s romantic plans get delayed.

Diya ties a blindfold and walks towards the temple. She doesn’t know about the enemies creating problems for her. Diya walks towards the danger. Ratan guides her. Diya gives a love test. She senses the end of the cliff and stops. She asks Ratan why did he not say he wants her life, she would have given her life on his saying. She tells him that he has given him wrong directions. Ratan had to guide her in hindi. He didn’t know about the directions.

Soumya returns to Oberoi mansion. She sees Bhavya and Rudra’s fight. Bhavya goes away from his life. Soumya looks for Bhavya and wants to stop her. She misses to see Bhavya around. She then spots Bhavya leaving in a bus. She runs after the bus and falls down. Soumya has promised Rudra that she will not let Bhavya leave from Rudra’s life. Soumya wants to keep her promise.


Manish asks Suwarna to leave from his house. The situation gets worse. Suwarna loves her family a lot. When the family asks her to leave, she decides to leave so that they stay happy. Suwarna meets everyone and gets leaving from the house. She sheds tears recalling her happy time and relations in Goenka house. Suwarna expects Manish to say something and stop her. She looks at him with hopeful eyes. Kartik and Naira cry for Suwarna. Kirti tries to explain Manish. Manish asks them not to give him any sense. Naira asks Kartik not to talk to Manish. Naksh asks Manish to just understand the two sides of the story, what’s right and what’s wrong. Naira says we will also do what we want. She goes and packs Suwarna’s bags. She bids farewell to Suwarna.

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