Alia Bhatt’s sheer black skirt can be all yours in mere Rs 2,500 but will you really buy it?


Just when we think that Alia Bhatt can never go wrong with her fashion choices, the actress vows to prove us wrong. Within a gap of four days, Alia Bhatt’s fashion outings have gone from good to worse. While her multicoloured sequined skirt was highly okay (not worth the investment, definitely), her recent appearance failed to even strike a similar chord. Now, Alia is one such actress who rarely goes wrong with her style statements and we don’t mind bookmarking her looks but not the recent ones though. Though black and white is the most subtle combination and you can never go wrong with that, Alia’s recent fashion appearance has forced us to think otherwise. Also Read: Is Alia Bhatt’s multi-coloured sequined midi-skirt worth Rs 4000?

Attending the adoptathon event for stray animals held in the city, Alia Bhatt opted for a casual white T-shirt which stood for the NGO, Co-exist, that she’s associated with and paired it with a sheer black skirt from her current favourite brand, Zara. The mid-skirt with a center zipper doesn’t really work for the actress and definitely doesn’t justify the cost. This black sheer mid-length skirt costs around Rs 2,500 in Indian currency. Now that’s pretty affordable and you won’t mind spending but for something as blah as that skirt, we do have our inhibitions.  Also Read: Alia Bhatt fails to pull off a Audrey Hepburn hairdo but she is absolutely rocking the outfit on her latest magazine cover


Alia Bhatt really needs to buck up her style game and make some ravishing fashion outings once again. Though her personal style statement is usually very comfy, chic and more girly, she isn’t able to pull it off through in her recent outings. Now she’s one such diva, whom we worship for her stunning sartorial choices and such sad outfit choices by her disheartens us for all the right reasons. Hope the actress reads it and makes it a point to never repeat such blunders.


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