BBC apologises after using Big B and Rishi Kapoor clip for Shashi Kapoor tribute


This Monday brought down gloom on the entire film industry as well as the nation when the legendary actor Shashi Kapoor passed away. The veteran actor had given some of the iconic performances of Bollywood. He was one of those first Bollywood personalities to make films with a difference. His vision catered to not just the mass but also to the thinking audience.

And that is why every person, every news channel was paying a last tribute to the actor. But the British Broadcasting Corporation, or BBC as it is popularly called, made a huge blunder. They used Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor‘s clips while paying tribute to Shashi Kapoor.

The late actor was a legend. And was hence a personality known to all. The entire film fraternity had come together to bid him farewell. Amitabh Bachchan was spotted teary eyed at the funeral and Rishi Kapoor stalled his shoot to be part of the funeral.

But as we all know, the trollers are always sitting with their eyes and ears open and the m oment they spot anything untoward, they do not waste a moment’s time to ridicule it. Therefofre, it was not very late before the channel got trolled for such a big blunder. People thrashed the anchor as well as the channel left right and centre for their mistake.

thankfully, it was not too late before the channel realised it’s mistake and the news editor of BBC, Paul Royall apologised on Twitter, writing, “#BBCNewsTen is very sorry wrong images were used to mark the death of Shashi Kapoor. Not our usual standards and I apologise for any upset.”

Well, BBC has not been the only news portal to have confused the late actor with someone else. Before this, a similar kind of mistake was made. A news channel had tweeted about the demise writing Shashi Tharoor instead of Shashi Kapoor. The politician had even started receiving condolence calls after that!


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