Bigg Boss 11: From a geek to a dashing hunk – check out Priyank Sharma’s amazing transformation


Priyank Sharma became a hot topic of discussion right during the first week of Bigg Boss 11. And no, it’s not only because of his extremely good looks. You see, he attacked Akash Dadlani after he said something very demeaning to his best friend, Vikas Gupta. Since physical violence is not tolerated inside the Bigg Boss house, the makers and Salman Khan decided to throw him out of the house. It started a debate on social media, as his fans wanted the show runners to give him a second chance, and so it was, Priyank made a comeback on Bigg Boss 11.

But then again, he got himself in the bad books of many after he revealed very sensitive details about Arshi Khan’s past. And then he fought with Vikas almost every other day. Who would have thought that Vikas and Priyank, who looked so close to each other in the first week will have not one, but multiple arguments with each other and that too on national television. And how can we forget, his girlfriend, Divya Agarwal broke up with him after he started getting close to Benafsha Soonawalla.

But keeping all this aside, Priyank is quite a hottie. He has a hot bod to envy the boys and make the girls go weak in their knees. But obviously, he was not this looker always. We have come across some old pictures of Priyank, and boy he has Neville Longbottomed pretty damn hard, we have to admit. I mean, who would have thought this geeky guy will turn out to be a dishy dude. Just check out the pictures:

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Unbelievable no? Well, another unbelieable is going to happen as the latest news is that Divya Agarwal is entering the Bigg Boss house to confront Priyank and let him know that she has dumped him. Yep! We really can’t wait to see how Priyank will react to this news.

What are your thoughts on Priyank Sharma’s throwback pictures? Let us know in the comments below and keep watching this space for all the latest updates on Bigg Boss 11.


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