Piyaa Albela 6th December 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Pooja injures Naren as Supriya lashes out at her


Piyaa Albela starts with Naren(Akshay Mhatre) getting worried as Pooja (Sheen Dass) jumps around on the staircase almost falling off. Naren scolds her for not being careful. Supriya worries over the two of them and expresses her desire to accompany them as she is worried. Harish says that they should let Naren be with Pooja alone. Rahul arranges for some fake police to follow Pooja and scare her even without Naren’s knowledge. Pooja and Naren drive away happily as Pooja notices a police jeep and becomes a bit tensed. Naina unleashes her fury in Mamaji’s house. She tries to feed Mami some ladoo which Mamaji strikes away. Pooja and Naren stop to have icecream and Pooja notices some Police. She hides away and Naren walks up to her. Pooja refuses to listen to him and throws things around as she bites Naren. She runs off as the police is happy to have done there job.

Naina demands to know Pooja’s address as she is now interested in meeting Naren. Pooja runs back home and tells Supriya that Naren cheated her by lieing to her. Supriya gets worried as Harish asks Naren to try to win back Pooja’s trust. Harish promises to go and consult a new doctor about Pooja’s condition. Supriya is left thoughtful. Naren reaches his room and tries convincing Pooja again but she pushes him and throws things at him. Rahul and Neelima enter the room with Supriya as Neelima asks Naren how this happened. Naren lies that he fell from the staircase. Pooja is shocked when Naren lies for her. Supriya is angry with Pooja but Naren stops her from scolding her. The doctor arrives and treats Naren. Surbhi takes Pooja to task while Naren saves her. Supriya steps in and tries to make Pooja understand that she did a mistake but Pooja pushes her away and runs off. Naren tells Supriya she should not be scolding Pooja.


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