Whoa! Aditya Redij goes half bald for Porus?


Porus is all set to witness a shocking twist with Aditya Redij that is King Bamani going bald and that too being shaved by Queen Anusuya for revenge. In the upcoming episode, Anusuya (Rati Pandey) will be seen shaving Bamani’s (Aditya Redij) head. To give the character a real look and feel, Aditya actually chopped off a portion of his hair. The episode will show Anusuya shaving Bamini’s head for the sake of their unborn child’s life. While doing so, Bamani collapses and then Anusuya realises that the blade was posioned.

A source from the set informs, “It didn’t take a lot of time for Aditya to chop off his tresses. To ensure the feel of the character comes out, he actually made the decision of allowing Rati to cut his hair. Rati, on the other hand, was very excited as it was her first time chopping off someone’s hair.” Aditya will be managing the rest of scenes now with a wig. Aditya is not the only actor to have chopped off his mane for a role. Actors like Krutika Desai, Rinku Karmarkar, Nia Sharma have also shaved their head in real life to add more character to their onscreen roles. (ALSO READ: Porus – behind the scenes: Aditya Redij and Rati Pandey give us a tour of the lavish sets – watch video)

Porus is one of the biggest shows on television right now, in terms of its budget. The makers have spent close to Rs 500 crores on the show and the show does justice to every penny spent. The set that was specially made for the show is breathtakingly beautiful. Aditya Redij and Rati Pandey even gave us an exclusive tour of the set while shooting. Porus has managed to get really good reviews and impress the critics. Coming back to the plot of the show, will King Bamani die of the poison or will Anusuya manage to save him? Post your thoughts in the comments below and stay tuned with us for more.


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