Priyank hugs Vikas and cries; Vikas tells him I LOVE YOU after Divya leaves


There will be a drastic change in the atmosphere of the Bigg Boss mansion. Tonight, the glass walled mansion wil see the contestants teary-eyed as they will meet their family. Shilpa Shinde‘s mother, Puneesh Sharma‘s father and Priyank Sharma‘s ex-girlfriend Divya Agarwal will enter the house.

As TellyGossip had reported this morning, Priyank and Divya will be seen in tears, with the former maintaining his statue position. Divya, who is angry with Priyank entered the house with mixed emotions. As she entered the house, she went to Priyank and questioned him what made him hurt her.

She also told Priyank that she has broken up with him as he never mentioned her as his girlfriend on the show. Priyank breaks down into tears when he realises that things are really bad for him in the outside world.

Well, let us reveal what happened after Divya left Bigg Boss 11 house. As seen in Bigg Boss 11 extra dose, Vikas Gupta will be consoling Priyank. Vikas promises Priyank that things will get better.

He further says that mistakes happen but we need to work on our mistakes. He further tells Priyank, he had made a lot many mistakes some three years ago. Vikas even says, ‘I Love You’ to to Priyank.

Priyank replies saying, things have ended for him. To which Vikas replies that the two will make things better again. Vikas Gupta tells Priyank to trust him and have faith in him so that he makes things zero to 100 again. He keeps cheering Priyank up saying it’s okay to make mistakes in life.

Vikas also shares the worst phase of life with Priyank. he tells him about an incident that happened some three years ago with him. Vikas also reveals that he faced something very bad during that time which is why he felt very low in life. However, he played well and corrected things to make life better. He then goes on to explain the importance of life to Priyank. He asks him to stop thinking about what others think about him.

Vikas further says to Priyank that he is very strong in the game and that he should not let people come and speak anything about him.

Further adding, “Keep people who love you in your priorities, and as far as anyone else is concerned, their feelings keep changing with time. Don’t react much. Fans will come and go..nothing is more important than one’s family.”

He asks him to stop thinking about his Instagram fans and #Divyank fans that Divya Agarwal spoke about when she entered the house only for Priyank to ask him haplessly “Why did Divya enter the house?”

Here is the video, as posted by a fan club of Priyank Sharma –

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