Newly married Abhishek Bajaj talks about ‘Bajaj Ki Dulhania’ and his honeymoon plans


The good looking and talented actor Abhishek Bajaj recently tied the knot with his lady love Akanksha Jindal.

Abhishek and Akanksha didn’t miss out on any opportunity to make the very special moment of their life a memorable one!!!

Be it Abhishek proposing Akanksha on a private yatch in a filmy style to the couple tattooing their wedding date on their hands, the uniqueness of this couple just didn’t end here.

Abhishek and Akanksha recently came up with a short pre wedding video titled Bajaj Ki Dulhania and the couple is quite happy with the outcome of the video and the response that they are receiving from their friends and family.

When we contacted Abhishek, he told us, “I have seen that mostly couple shoot a song in the name of pre wedding videos but we wanted to throw light on our love story. We have inculcated the special moments of our relationship in the video and tried to show that what is our relationship is made of. A song can’t describe our whole love story so our video has everything – it has songs, proposal and special moments with a twist in the end. We wrote the screenplay and developed the story. We have chosen the songs that suit our personality and goes well with the story.”

Abhishek is quite happy with the response that he has got for his pre wedding video. He happily shared with us, “People are saying that I should be a director. I am getting offers from my friends to shoot for their pre wedding videos. I have never directed before. I have learned all this while I was on the job as an actor. It was a different experience altogether and I can take it further with the response that I am getting.”

Have a look at the video here –

When we asked Abhishek about his honeymoon plans, he maintained that the couple is yet to decide but they will soon be visiting the Taj Mahal – The symbol of love in Agra. Abhishek told us, “Last year I couldn’t be a part of my sister Ekta’s birthday celebration so this year we have planned to celebrate her birthday in Agra. Ekta has never visited Agra and since Akanksha and I have just got married, so we thought that there can’t be any better place to visit than Taj. It’s about love, not just couple love but sibling love too. Both my sisters Ekta and Ambika are very happy to have a new member in their family as their Bhabhi.”

TellyGossip wishes Abhishek and Akanksha a blissful life ahead!


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