TGI Friday’s Spoilers


Nimki Mukhiya: Nimki is making every possible attempt to marry Babbu Singh. She meets the pandit to match the kundlis. He tells her that once kundlis of groom and bride gets matched, then they can get some good mahurat for the marriage. He says Babbu and you are at loggerheads, I have seen your kundli, Babbu and your kundli don’t match, you are from a small caste, you can never marry Babbu. Nimmi wants to know if pandit is lying. He tells her that there is big difference between Babbu and her. She emotionally blackmails him. He doesn’t listen to anything. He says I m saying truth, Babbu and your kundli can’t match ever. She shows him a fake video and says Babbu and my kundli should match at any cost, else I will expose your mistake. He says I don’t want to see any video, just delete it, I will do what you say, I will make Babbu and yours 36 qualities matched and praise your pairing. She thanks him. Babbu’s mum is trying to stop the engagement.

Laado 2: Amma ji locks Anushka in the room. She wants to ensure her safety. She asks her not to go out. She gets many gifts for her, so that Anushka gets happy. She says you have everything here, you can entertain yourself and read the magazines too, you can keep yourself busy. Anushka tells Amma ji that she can’t cage her like this. She is also determined like Amma ji. She agrees to Amma ji to keep her heart.

Dil Se Dil Tak: Teni returns to her old house in the chawl. She attends the Ganpati puja. She takes blessings from Bappa. Someone steals her purse. Teni angrily hits a stick at the thief and stops him. She sees the thief and identifies him as her friend. She gets glad seeing Chutkan. She wants to start a new life. She asks Bappa to manage everything. She gives money to Chutkan and asks him to get medicines for her. She hopes everything will get fine like before.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Piyush, Roshni and Sanjana take selfies. Pari sees them busy. She sees the tea kept and adds poison in it. She wants to kill Mata ji. Her plan gets flopped as Sanjana drops the tray by mistake. Pari scolds Sanjana. Piyush says its a small mistake, no need to shout. Pari says Sanjana can do any big mistake tomorrow. Mata ji asks Pari to stop it, tea can be made again. Pari gets scared seeing Mata ji and runs to her room. She fears Mata ji can kill her anytime. She is trying to save herself.

Ayushaman Bhava: Krish goes ahead to marry Kavya. Samaira kidnaps Krish to stop the marriage. She loves Krish. She doesn’t want Krish to marry Kavya. Samaira’s goons beat him a lot. Krish gets hurt and tied up. Samaira worries seeing him. She tells him that they will run away the same day and marry. He gets angry and tells her that she has proved his decision was wrong, he will never marry her. He didn’t expect Samaira to do this. He asks Samaira to free him. She calls him mad to give consent for marrying Kavya. He warns her that he will not leave her. She is angry that he has cheated her. She tells him to stay in her custody till Vikrant’s search for him ends. Krish runs away and reaches the mandap to marry Kavya.


Neil reaches the crime scene and arrests Avni for a murder blame. Neil tells her that he expected her to change by his love, but his love has failed, she is still a criminal like before. He never wanted Avni to become revengeful Ananya Verma again, but she was preferring to be Ananya to fail her enemies. He feels he was wrong to think he could change Avni. He tells her that person’s thinking and nature can never change. Avni gets the criminal tag on her. He ends all the ties with Avni and breaks their marriage.

Meri Durga:

Sanjay makes Durga get drunk in her birthday party. Durga dances in the party and does big drama. Sanjay feels she has drunk the wine and made fun of herself in front of all the guests, even her values are gone now. He asks her does she not want to scold him. Durga stays cool. Sanjay doesn’t want to leave any chance to trouble her. He tells her that she had got drunk in the party and created a scene. He reminds her how he ruined her self-respect and her parents couldn’t do anything. He vents out anger on her. He says you were so drunk that you don’t remember anything. He asks her to save her family respect if she can. He gives her a last chance to sign the divorce papers and accept her mistake of defaming his parents. Sanjay’s plans fail. Durga is countering all his plans and giving him a defeat. She asks him to keep trying, but he can’t break her courage. She challenges him that she will stay with him and oppose him. She jokes that he got stuck by marrying her.

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