Bigg Boss 11: Vikas Gupta calls Hina Khan hypocrite, says Akash Dadlani will get beaten outside the house for misbehaving with women – watch video


Another emotionally gruelling task is on its way to Bigg Boss 11. This one will see some of the contestants act as robots – one without emotions. And the other contestants will act as if they are here to only cause destruction. Well, the remaining contestant’s task will be to evoke emotions out of the robots at any cost.

In the process, Hina Khan will be playing a robot and Vikas Gupta will take out his frustration on her. He will call her hypocrite and two faced trying to get her to show rage and anger. But Hina Khan will remain calm and still. Well, that is what we learn from the latest promo. Who knows, Hina might just lose her temper once again. Or maybe she’d start crying because of the harsh words – we all know how sensitive she is.

Also, Vikas Gupta will go up to Akash Dadlani and call him out on misbehaving with women inside the house. He will tell the housemate that he will be beaten up once he is out of the show for his actions inside the house. Ouch! Akash also manages to maintain composure.

We hope that Vikas and gang remember to draw a line while playing the game because phase 2 of this task will have them on the other side. And who knows, Hina and Akash might say things worse than what he said to them.

Meanwhile, Shilpa Shinde, Luv Tyagi, Priyank Sharma, and Hiten Tejwani are nominated for evictions this week. Out of the four, there is a high probability that Luv might be evicted from the house.


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