Bigg Boss 11 10 January 2018 LIVE Updates: Akash Dadlani gets evicted, Puneesh Sharma makes it to the top 4


The Bigg Boss 11 contestants wake up to Halkat Jawani. Akash Dadlani and Arshi Khan are bitching about Shilpa Shinde while the actress is mocking them in the kitchen with Puneesh Sharma. Shilpa talks about how Akash is very touchy and even gossips about it with Arshi. Puneesh gives Akash a piece of his mind by advising him to not get out of the house with a molestation charge on him. Later on, Vikas and Puneesh are discussing how Shilpa accused Akash of touching her inappropriately on national television.

Vikas tells Puneesh what a wrong message Shilpa is sending outside to the world about women who get molested and are not taken seriously. Shilpa and Akash try to sort their differences out. Akash tells her that he was just trying to cheer her up when he said he wishes she was younger. Just then, Bigg Boss sends Akash’s picture and the contestants decide on how to be mean with her. Hina said she would spoil all of his artificial jewelry. Akash tries to ask Puneesh to not destroy any of his things. Vikas says he would paint both his shoes different colours and would colour his bald head with black paint. Shilpa tells Arshi she wants to slap him. The contestants try to cheer Akash up. (ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 11: Salman Khan to enter the house? Hina Khan knows what to make for him)

Arshi chooses Vikas and he ruins Akash’s shoes. But since Bigg Boss forbids him from spray painted Akash’s head, they just put the slime on him. It’s Hina’s turn next. Contestants tell Arshi all the mean things that they can do to Hina. Arshi chooses Shilpa and asks her to break Hina’s Sher Khan mug. Shilpa breaks Hina’s mug and tells her that she can do tasks in the house. Hina cries, obviously, and Vikas consoles her. Hina collects the broken pieces of the mug and sees that the Sher in the Sher Khan hasn’t broken.

Vikas stops Hina from fighting with Shilpa. He tells her that all of this will be over in just four days. Shilpa tells Puneesh that she doesn’t even feel bad that she broke Hina’s mug. It’s Puneesh’s turn next to be the victim and Vikas suggests waxing Puneesh’s body. Vikas waxes Puneesh and let me tell you, it’s more painful than it looks. Vikas wins the task and Arshi leaves the house. Contestants hug her a goodbye and thank her for all the positive energy she has spread in the house.

Puneesh cribs about the waxing thing in front of Shilpa. Hina feels that Arshi was biased. At night, Bigg Boss calls all the contestants to the garden area for the eliminations and Akash wakes everyone up. Bigg Boss announces that Vikas, Shilpa and Hina are safe. After a lot of suspense, he announces that Akash has been evicted from the house making Puneesh one of the top four finalists.


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