Bigg Boss 11: Evicted contestant Akash Dadlani agrees his differences with Shilpa Shinde might have led to his ouster


Akash Dadlani is probably the only evicted Bigg Boss 11 contestant who has given an out and out positive interview about the show. The rapper has been a constant entertainer be it his flirtatious ways, fights or emotional meltdowns. But Akash does feel that his differences with Shilpa Shinde could be one of the reasons why he got lesser votes. When asked if he feels his fights with Shilpa got him lesser votes, he told, “Ho sakta hai (May be) But you know, I will tell you one more thing, I did not want to survive or win the show with someone else’s publicity but wanted to do it all alone. I wanted to prove India that I played individually on the show and I had made it to the Finale all by myself.”

But he also spoke about his friendship with Shilpa at length. He added, “Shilpa and I were best of friends. Since she had not many friends in the house, I was her closest friend. I had (and still consider) considered Shilpa to be a motherly figure in the Bigg Boss house. Initially, she took care of me like her baby and I too made sure that she doesn’t feel alone in the house despite surrounded by so many others but after a few misunderstandings cropped up, the equations changed. But when Salman Bhai took my class on the 14th week, asking me to rectify my mistakes, I went to Shilpa and apologised for my behaviour.” (ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 11: Akash Dadlani reveals the real reason why he got evicted at midnight)

On reaching the top 5 and the finale week, he said, “I almost tasted the win. It was really heartbreaking to leave the show at this juncture. I had expected myself to be in the house for a month or so, but I happened to stick around until a week away from the Grand Finale. This itself is an achievement to have survived on the show with really popular celebrities. I am not surprised to see myself in the Finale because I gave everything to the show and Bigg Boss gave it to me in return. I might have also done things which were not correct but I played the game all alone and did it all myself. Also, I had a lovely experience inside Bigg Boss 11 house; it was like I am living in a joint family, where people are of a different culture, traditions, lifestyle, among others.”


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