Bigg Boss 11 13th January 2018 LIVE Updates: Shilpa Shinde, Hina Khan, Vikas Gupta and Puneesh Sharma are sad as show comes to an end


Tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 11 begins with the four finalists waking up to the song, Buddhu Sa Mann from Kapoor And Sons. Shilpa Shinde, Puneesh Sharma and Vikas Gupta are in the kitchen discussing about Hina Khan. Puneesh says that Hina was crying yesterday while eating her food. They all agree that Hina has spoilt her reputation by coming on the show. Vikas is called inside the activity room and he is shown the pictures of his journey inside the house. He is told by Bigg Boss that his journey has not been any less than a super hit show. Fights, drama, strategies and emotions, his stint had it all. He is then shown a video of his journey. He is unable to keep a lid on his emotions as he watches the video. He comes out of the activity room and tells them that this was his best experience in his life till now. Shilpa hugs him and he apologises to everyone for hurting them.

Then Shilpa is called inside the activity room and she too is shown the pictures of her journey first. Then plays the video of the compilation of her good and bad moments on the show. After her, Puneesh goes to the activity room and the same process follows.

He comes out of the activity area and tells Hina and Shilpa that he is feeling dizzy after watching his journey. He describes everything to Shilpa and tells her that he saw the bit where Hina told that how can Bandgi Kalra be with someone like him. And Shilpa says that has she seen her face?

Shilpa goes to the activity room and sees her journey. She comes out and the four finalists are at the dining table, all sad that the show has come to an end.


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