Kumkum Bhagya 12th January 2018 Written Update Of Full Episode: Abhi is broken to as Pragya makes him believe that she is Munni


Kumkum Bhagya starts with Pragya determined to find out what Abhi(Shabbir Ahluwalia) is up to and she decides to find out. Abhi is still wondering how to miss Pragya (Sriti Jha) when she is so near him. He walks up to her as she is sleeping and kisses her mole on her back. Pragya wakes up and finds Abhi faking sleep on his bed. Abhi thinks that he will make Pragya confess that she is his fuggi. Aliya and Tanu decides to call a docor at the earliest so they can get Munni back to life. Pragya thinks what is wrong with Abhi from yesterday. Pragya asks Disha what was happening yesterday at the table and sees Disha is getting tensed, she understands that Disha is indeed hiding something. Purab talks to the detective Karthik and tells about the attacks on abhi. Pragya hears him. (Also Read: Abhi confirms Pragya’s identity as Aliya plots to get Munni back in action)

Disha helps Abhi to make arrangements for the poarty and Pragya hewars everything by hiding. She realise sthat Abhi will make her confess that sheis Pragya. She now thinks of ways to refrain him.  Abhi anything right now. She thinks that she has to find out who the person is who is trying to kill Abhi. She bumps into Simonicka and shares her grief with her. Simonicka indirectly tells her that probably Abhi harmed someone. Pragya says that she will soon unmask the person. Simonicka tells Pragya that she is here to make some arrangements for Abhi. Pragya thinks that probably Abhi is going to unmask her before the world. Abhi asks Purab who is it that Pragya cares for, Purab says that it is Abhi. Abhi thinks that he will have to make Pragya cry by faking an attack on Abhi. Disha hears this and does not approve. Disha asks Abhi not to do this. Disha finally agrees with much difficulty as Purab and Abhi both request. Tanu bumps into Pragya and starts taunting her indirectly.Abhi lashes out at Pragya and says that she had everything then why did she have to fool him again and hurt him. He asks her to stay away from him and that he wouldnever love Pragya’s lookalike.


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