Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17 January 2018 Written Update of Full Episode: Simmi is shocked to see Shanno’s face


Shagun introduces Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) as Shanno, a troubled wife from Haryana who is in dire need of a job. Shagun also says that Shanno wants to work in a joint family so she doesn’t miss her family too much. Mihika taunts her by saying that Ishita is so fond of helping others, she will help her out. Shagun says that Ishita refused and pleads the Bhalla family to help her out. Ishita falls on Raman’s (Karan Patel) feet pleading him to give a job since her husband is very abusive. Simmi enters saying that they don’t even know her and demands to see her face.

Ishita says that she can’t show her face to strangers but Simmi starts forcing her. She lifts the veil a little to see burn marks. Simmi cringes and Ishita breaks down about her abusive husband. Raman apologises and asks Simmi to make sure Shanno is comfortable. Raman hires her and asks Simmi to show her the servant quarters. Shagun takes her to the servant room and Ishita lifts the veil. She looks at herself in the mirror and smiles as Shagun asks her how she will stay in the servant room. She tells Ishita how nervous she was and Ishita talks about her Haryanvi accent. They laugh about all the drama. (ALSO READ: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16 January 2018 Written Update of Full Episode: Ishita returns to the Bhalla house as a maid from Haryana)

Shagun is impressed with how far Ishita can go for Raman and her kids. Ishita reminds her of the time that Raman disguised as Gulabo. Simmi tells Param that she found Shanno’s voice very familiar. She decides to beware of Shanno and be alert. Shagun tells Ishita that she will have to steer clear of Simmi and Param. Ishita tells her that Ashok has spread news in the business circle that she has gone abroad with Ashok for his treatment. Param tells Simmi that she needs to get over Ishita and be easy on Shanno.

Ishita thanks Shagun and they go outside. Shagun thanks Raman and tells Shanno that she will have to work properly. Raman asks about Ishita and Mihika overhears their conversation. Mihika figures that Raman is missing Ishita and decides to tell Simmi about it. Raman asks for water and Ishita forces Simmi to eat so Raman can eat. Raman is impressed with Shanno and asks her to pack his lunch. Romi and Adi are also impressed with Shanno.

Ruhi gets pizzas for everyone at work and the administrator gets all worried that Ruhi is going all out and using the petty cash money to impress her team. Shweta is worried about how much Ruhi is spending. Neelu complains about Raman hiring a new maid and replacing her to Simmi. Turns out Neelu knows all about Ishita’s plan and is in her team. At office, Raman loses his cool over Ruhi’s irresponsible behaviour. He asks her to keep the presentation ready.

Mihika tells Simmi it’s strange that Ishita has just left the city with Raman being sick and they suspect Shanno, too. Ishita goes to Pihu’s room to clean it and smiles looking at her toys and books. She thinks about how much she misses Pihu. She finds Pihu’s report card and is shocked to see how well she is performing even after undergoing so much stress. Param clears his throat standing behind her and she gets scared. Will Param find out about her true identity?


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