Kumkum Bhagya 19th January 2018 Written Update Of Full Episode: Abhi feels guilty for deceiving Pragya


Kumkum Bhagya   starts with Aliya and Tanu threatening Munni. Munni starts screaming asking for help as she asks the two to get her kids to her.Aliya and Tanu are now irriated as they think of ways to find how Munni got out and Pragya (Sriti Jha) got in. Pragya walks out of her room thinking how she is troubling Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia). She suddenly feels weak and Abhi holds her. Abhi gets concerned about her and asks her if she is fine. Abhi asks her again the answer for what he asked. She distracts him by fighting with him for questioning her when she is ill. Purab and Disha see them fighting and are amused at the two of them. They fight infront of Disha and Purab as they tease the two. Pragya almopst falls as Abhi holds her. Purab says that he knows how much the two of them love each other. Abhi and Pragya suddenly realise that they are lost in each other and he runs away. Purab and Disha are surprised as they watch the sudden change. (Also Read: Pragya shoots at Abhi shocking everyone present)

Pragya tries to call out to Abhi and make him open the door. He resists but then she says that she is not well and he opens the door. Pragya watches him as Abhi stares at her helpless. Abhi tries walking away when she stops him and asks him why he is so upset and what is worrying him. Abhi turns as he stops Pragya from coming near him. He says that he has started feeling for her the way he feels only for Pragya. He says that he cannot deceive his Pragya. He walks away saying this. Purab asks Disha to find out what is troubling Pragya so much and what is making her become Munni. Aliya decides to make Munni work for her by hook or by crook. She makes Tanu bleed and dips a handkerchief in it. They again walk to Munni and ask her to work for them. Munni refuses to do anything wrong with Pragya. Aliya then shows Munni the blood on the napkin. Aliya says that the blood is Chutka’s and she would trouble him further if Munni does not help her. Munni resists again and asks them to kill her but leave the kids.  Munni finally agrees to them. Disha helps Pragya in cooking and suddenly she remembers an incident where she was feeding Abhi and he wanted to eat her fingers. Disha notices her.


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