Woah! Priyank Sharma just got an extremely romantic proposal


Mumbai: Fans play an important part in a celebrity’s life.

They never fail to surprise their favorite stars with their own way of showing their affection.

The good looking and popular Priyank Sharma, who became quite popular among fans after winning hearts in popular reality shows like Splitsvilla and Bigg Boss 11, surely enjoys a huge fan following.

The young lad’s social media is always flooded with lovely messages sent by his fans for him and he makes sure to keeps himself connected to them.

Recently, Priyank had an emotional moment when a female fan of his went out of the way to shower her love for him.

Yes, she PROPOSED to Priyank with Red Roses, which later turned out to be a very special moment not just for the fan but for Priyank as well. Overwhelmed with the gesture of the fan, Priyank hugged the girl and thanked her for the sweet gesture.

Later, Priyank took to Instagram to post the video and thanked all his admirers across the globe for the love.

Have a look at his Instagram post –

“What do you think of Priyank Sharma?

Sweet indeed! Isn’t it?

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