Bowled over by Priya Varrier’s wink in the viral video? We know how she mastered it – view pics


As a self-confessed selfie addict, the obsession doesn’t seem all that bizzare to me. And that is exactly why I have found a soul sister in Priya Varrier – the girl who became an overnight sensation after Manikya Malaraya Poovi went viral. The 18-year old is a selfie aficionado and her Instagram account, that is on its way to become a very followed profile, is proof of it. She has posted numerous selfies of herself and we are not judging her at all for it. With eyes so pretty, even we would want to keep clicking ourselves.

However, for all those who found her wink in the video to be absolutely eye-catching, here’s a treat. Since you were too busy looking at her winking, I decided to do the hard work for you and went through all her Instagram pictures. And here’s what I found out – winking comes easy for Priya and she has had a lot of practice too. Anyone with a penchant for selfies will tell you that they have a signature pose that they stick to when it comes to taking pictures. While some pout and preen, yet others blink and wink. It seems like Priya is a winker. Check out all the selfies that we are sure led to the wink in the video…

Priya-02 Priya-03 Priya-04 Priya-05 Priya-01

From what we have heard so far, apparently Priya’s wink in the video was a spontaneous move on the part of the actress. After taking a look at these pics, I am sure you would know why, right? Seems like Priya was born with such pretty eyes so that she could wink it to win it. This time she surely has done that! What do you think of these selfies? Tell us in the comments section below…


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