On Vinod Mehra’s birth anniversary, Rishi Kapoor remembers the film he couldn’t FINISH


Vinod Mehra, whose smile made many hearts flutter, was born today. He was one of the most affable, good looking charming actor that India has ever seen. People who have watched his movies like Ghar, Amar Prem, Anuraag, Bemisaal and others would agree with us. This generation doesn’t know anything about him and thus should watch these movie to find out why his death is such a setback for the industry. Rishi Kapoor too feels it. He took to Twitter to talk about his dear friend and also share a trivia about him. (Also read: 102 Not Out Teaser: Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor have returned after 27 years for this film)

Rishi Kapoor writes, “Another friend who went away too early. We were good friends but we never worked together ever. When he turned director, I was one of his heroes but he couldn’t complete that film-Guru Dev. Happy birthday Vinod-RIP!” The film got stuck after Mehra’s demise in October 1990 and was later revived by Raj Sippy. It did get a release though on September 03, 1993. It was a story about two friends Dev Kumar and Guru and how their bond gets affected. Check out the tweet right here…

Vinod Mehra passed away on October 30, 1990 due to heart attack. His son Rohan Mehra will make his Bollywood debut with Bazaar soon which has Saif Ali Khan in the cast as well.



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