Rahul shoots despite a broken shoulder


Mumbai: We all see the glamorous life that the celebrities live but we haven’t seen the other side of it. Even for actors whose job is to make it all look effortless, sometimes pay the price for entertaining their audience. 

Rahul Sharma from Star Bharat’s show ‘Kaal Bhairav Rahasya‘ is the legit example for this. While shooting a sequence Rahul broke his shoulder accidentally but his dedication towards his profession didn’t take a step back. He didn’t let the shoot halt. He completed his scene and then left for his medical test.

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When asked about his injury, Rahul said, “My first rule of acting is to be dedicated towards my work. I love my profession and noting stops me from completing my work. While shooting an action sequence, I happen to fall on my shoulder accidently. My production house called for a doctor immediately and put me under medical supervision. Only after a go ahead from the doctor my production house allowed me to shoot. I didn’t realise it was broken so I continued shooting with the pain. It was later revealed in the x-ray that I broke my shoulder.”


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