This extremely hot, popular and committed TV actor is on ‘Grindr’


Mumbai: Television stars and their tantalizing secrets sometimes leave your jaws dropped and open. The industry is filled with the stories of many clandestine affairs. This one specifically will leave you dumbfounded.

We are talking about a television actor who has been ruling the entertainment space since quite some time. His chiseled body, intense looks and sharpened jawline has made many hearts go weak for him. Undoubtedly, he is the hottest TV actor we’ve in the lot. His popularity is such that he could soon swoon his magic on the silver screen. The hot hunk has left many hearts broken thanks to the constant murmurs around his relationship with an A-lister actress.

However, it seems your hearts need not be broken, even if you are a guy! Our ears have heard a rather scandalizing piece of goss that left us shocked and will surely leave you shocked too. According to a little birdie, the sexy lad, who is currently enjoying his ‘me time,’ is present on an app called Grindr. For the uninitiated, Grindr is a dating app for boys who are interested in homosexual relationships. The app is quite popular amongst the crowd.

Not just this, the gossipmonger also disclosed that the hot actor is not active on Grindr in India. As per the tattler, the actor who often goes out for travel “uses the app only when he is out of the country.” There are two reasons for the same. “1. He is more into foreign and exotic boys 2. Since he is a big name here, he doesn’t want this to get revealed.”

Wondering how do we know about it? Well, the quindnunc’s friend from London, apparently has hooked up with the actor and had some good pictures to show as proof.

Well, nothing wrong in hooking-up and being interested in the same sex, isn’t it? However, if the actor wishes to keep his personal life private, we don’t wish to reveal such a big secret of his life through a teasing piece of story. We just wish loads of luck to the actor and his girlfriend.

Did you get a hint of who are we talking about? Well if you didn’t keep guessing.


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