Aiyaary quick movie review: First half of Sidharth Malhotra and Manoj Bajpayee’s film has abundance of espionage trickery


After multiple changes in the release date, Neeraj Panday’s espionage thriller Aiyaary is finally releasing in theatres tomorrow. The movie stars Sidharth Malhotra and Manoj Bajpayee in lead roles. The movie has created a positive buzz on social media with fans of Neeraj’s films – Special 26, Baby, A Wednesday – looking forward to watching it. The trailer of the film does not give away much except that Manoj plays Sid’s mentor and circumstances will make them go against each other. Our reviewer Ankita Chaurasia is watching the film at a special screening, and this is what she has to say about the first half of Aiyaary.

“When you sign up to watch a Neeraj Pandey film, you brace yourself for a thrilling ride that you know will be full of twists and turns. And when the film stars Manoj Bajpayee, who is a key player in most of the director’s films, your expectations are bound to multiply manifold. But does the film live up to the expectations that we have of these two? Let’s find out…

Major Jai Dikshit (Sidharth Malhotra) has gone rogue or so we are informed. Col. Abhay Singh (Manoj Bajpayee) is out to get him. But that we already know, don’t we? The first half tries to establish the premise, indulging us with a lot of tinkering with gizmos, perhaps in an attempt to impress with the workings of the Indian army. A lot of call tapping, password hacking and a few gunshots later, we reach the interval point. By now we know that Jai is off to London and Abhay is on to him, thanks to the former’s love interest. But will she also lead Abhay and co. to her sweetheart? That only the second half can reveal…”

Stay tuned to BollywoodLife for the full review of Aiyaary.


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