TR’s Quick Reads


Piyaa Albela:
Naren gets angry on the union leader. He loses his cool when the man gets cow dung to dump. Naren slaps the man. Naren realizes Pooja was right about the union leader. Naren upsets the workers. His behavior and shocking news reaches the family. Harish selects Rahul as company MD instead Naren. Pooja knows if Rahul becomes MD, it won’t be good for the company. She can’t do anything. She is stuck in a dilemma and falls helpless. Harish criticizes Naren. Naren doesn’t care for anything. Harish feels Naren is getting defamation for the family.

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:
Devi’s truth gets close to get revealed. Devi replaces the bride and gets married to Adhiraj. Adhiraj and Maasa don’t know about her move. Devi dons a long ghunghat over her face. When Maasa makes Devi sit for Mu-dikhai, Devi gets worried. Maasa tries to lift the ghunghat and show her face to everyone. Virat comes in disguise of a tantric baba. He stops Maasa from lifting the veil. He tells her that they can’t see the bride for two weeks, since its Poornima. He makes Maasa follow the customs. Virat saves Devi from Mu-dikhai ritual.

Dil Se Dil Tak:
Dada ji tells Parth about the Valentine’s day. He plans Valentine’s celebration with the family. Teni and Shorvori get surprised. They didn’t know Dada ji would be interested in keeping this celebration. Teni gets excited. Dada ji takes their another test. Parth tells Dada ji that he had no plan to celebrate. He understands Dada ji is again putting him in a fix. Dada ji’s intentions will be revealed in the party.


Soumya feels Harman has filled colors in her life by accepting her as wife. She gets ready to sacrifice everything to get Harman’s love for seven births. Harman has accepted her identity of a kinner and still married her. She gives away her marriage and sindoor, only to complete the kinner puja. She turns into a widow. Her decision to end the marriage makes Harman too upset. He gets emotionally hurt. He tells her that she has taken his life by snatching herself from him. He gets disappointed. She does everything to protect her love.


Vidyut gets scared of Avni. He runs to the market area. He sees a procession and hides. He sees Neil there. He begs Neil to save him from Avni’s spirit. He confesses his crime of pushing Avni angrily, which led her to die. He surrenders himself to police. He wants to save his life from Avni’s spirit. He feels jail will be safest place for him, as Neil will protect him. Avni succeeds to get rid of Vidyut forever. Vidyut will learn Avni’s fake murder case.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:

Ratan and Diya get a valentine’s surprise. They get into an odd moment again. They treat each other as friends, not any married couple. They don’t like the romantic setup and clear off everything from their room. They try to know each other well.

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