Veer to instil fear in Anika in Ishqbaaz


Anika gets caught by Veer. She tries to escape. Veer corners her. He tries to instil fear in her. He asks her not to anger her. She realizes his true face. She asks him why is he doing this to ruin Shivay. She confronts him for troubling Shivay and her so much. Veer doesn’t like to answer her. He tells her that Shivay has to work hard to know his real intentions. Shivay worries for Anika. He tries to call Anika and couldn’t reach through her. Shivay worriedly rushes home. He worries that Veer is also at home. He wants to secure Anika.

Veer tells Anika that he had tried to scare her, so that Shivay and she gets separated forever. He admits his bad planning. He doesn’t want to kill her. He tells her that she shouldn’t have come there to eavesdrop his conversation. He tells her that he has to punish her. Anika challenges him to do anything. He tells her that he can’t do anything against Shivay. He asks her to get ready to face her death. She asks him who is the Oberoi who is helping him against Shivay. Veer doesn’t tell her anything.

He asks her to die in peace, as its not important for her to know Shivay’s next enemy. Shivay tries to scare her further. Anika manages to hit him and escape from the place. She tries to inform Shivay before Veer reaches her. Veer takes it easy and lets her run to the final extent. Veer follows Anika. Anika comes across Shivay on the way. They miss to see each other. Shivay senses Anika around.

Rudra and Bhavya’s marriage puja ritual goes on in the temple, which infuriates Soumya. Soumya doesn’t want Rudra to forget her. She wants Rudra back in her life. Bhavya sees Soumya in the temple. Soumya burns the wedding invitation card. Bhavya gets scared by the bad omen. Rudra consoles her. Soumya doesn’t know Bhavya has spotted her. Soumya lies to Rudra that she has just come.

Bhavya gets suspicious about her. She shares her doubt with Gauri. Gauri has faith in Soumya. She clears up Bhavya’s doubts on Soumya. She reminds her that Soumya has united Rudra and her. Shivay feels unwell. He reaches home with much difficulty.

Shivay does something special for Anika. He gives his unique personal touch to Anika. He wants to make it very much memorable for her. Anika likes Shivay’s beautiful surprise. She gets happy seeing the decorations. She tells Shivay about Veer’s attack on her. She finds Shivay’s behavior strange. She tells him that she feels secure with him, no one can harm her till he is with her. She reveals Veer is still fooling them. Anika asks him to answer. Shivay answers her in the form of a murder attempt. Shivay shoots down Anika, much to her shock.

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